I started brewing my own beer in Sydney back in 1988 and through limited choice was brewing the original Coopers Lager with a kilo of white sugar. Over time I quickly realised that to get away from that Homebrew taste (referred to as pensioner beer) you had to use better additives with your kit beer.


Homebrew stores were very scarce at the time so in 1994 I decided to open my own store in Kogarah, Sydney and thus my journey begun to educate people on using the right ingredients with your kits, malt, dextrose, grain and hops to easily reproduce a beer better than the commercial beers that were available.


In 1995 post mix kegs became readily available so the idea of kegging your own brew became feasible. The trouble being there was no guidelines at the time for carbonation, clearing, setting up and dispensing your brew.


I encountered every problem from beer that looked and tasted like swamp water and being flat or over carbonated. I came up with the theory of racking and clearing your beer before kegging and formulated the perfect carbonating time and pressure settings. Being instrumental on setting up kegging procedures at the time I consider myself to be a keg system specialist.


I sold hundreds of keg systems and had many famous sporting and celebrity cliental. The most famous being Australian boxing Champion, Kostya Tszyu. I set up a keg system at his house in Sans Souci he loved his beer and used to come into the shop every week.


We had promotional beer tasting days for 150 people, beer competitions with professional judges from Tooheys and the homebrew industry. I sold this shop in 2001 and in 2004 opened another shop in Port Stephens which I operated for over 8 years.


Newcastle has been screaming out for a decent brew store for years and in May 2013 Newcastle Brew Shop opened its doors. We are dedicated to nurturing new and experienced brewers alike to brewing the best beer, spirit, liqueur and wine possible.


From kit brewers to mini mashes, Braumeister owners to distilling we can help you. Gone are the days where your aim was brewing the cheapest beer possible that tasted like that old tangy homebrew. Don’t be known as “Shortcuts”, your aim should be producing the best beer possible which is easily comparable and better than the commercial brews.


You can replicate any beer in the world just by following the 3 golden rules, cleanliness, correct temperature and using the best ingredients.


I am dedicated in supplying quality products and customer service and dare you to take the challenge and produce not only quality beverages but cheese, food preserving, sausage making and beef jerky.


Drop in and see us or contact me with any questions by phone or email.




Kirk Suisted.